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And after hours of careful observation, clever Swifties spotted this: Tay's "You Belong With Me" shirt includes the names of these squad members: Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid, Ed Sheeran, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Lena Dunham, Patrick Stewart, Abigail Anderson, Martha Hunt, Claire Kislinger and Haim sisters Este, Alana and Danielle.

Flexible length and optional bangs make this bold style casual and customizable.: Yolandi Visser of Die Antwoord, Kristen Stewart, and Tegan Quin. The Michael Pitt: This “classic Vidal Sasson shape, the Facon, is a severe disconnection hair cut,” Irene explains.

Style is always interesting to watch as culture shifts, particularly concerning lesbians.

Should we add the new Kristen Stewart blonde and buzzed look to Chloe’s list? Lesbians are known for our androgynous aesthetic, but like all styles, lesbian hair cuts evolve with time and taste.

Kabbalah is followed by many other famous celebs such as Demi Moore, Madonna, and Mick Jagger.

Due to his new religion, he was also imposed a six-month s*x ban to purify himself.Their latest single ‘Lizard’ has the kind of clean, precise, slightly angular guitar riff those computer game guys seem to go crazy for.

Johnny is undergoing chemotherapy treatments and taking medications in his fight against childhood leukemia.… continue reading »

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