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20-Nov-2017 12:18

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Hello guys, today I want to present you my first plugin on bukkit.

Roleplay Chat is a light weight chat customization plugin for RPG Servers. Let's look at the other cool things: Start your server. You can see generated configuration files at /plugins/Roleplay Chat/worldname/.

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The Batam nightlife is very active, as you will read on this blog post and our goal is to write comprehensively as possible.

You can create new commands like /me, /do, /shout etc. Now you can add each chat mode to the configuration files.

For detailed information, visit Not sure if I will get a response but I'm gonna try.

The reason for this is I want players wandering around the world to be able to "hear" roleplaying when they are in the right radius of a RP that is being done on the RP channel.

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