Risks of online dating sites

20-Jul-2016 05:55

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And that means not only physically, but also financially and emotionally.

Predators of every stripe troll dating sites, and scams are depressingly rampant.

Nearly 15% of all American adults have used one of these sites.

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Keep Your Wits About You It’s fine to sip a glass of wine while you’re getting to know each other on a first date, but the more you drink the more comfortable you get, and the less you listen with discernment.

The truth is, incidents of violence at the hands of strangers gay men connected with online are rare. STDs are a greater risk to men using gay dating sites than harm from violence. Condoms protect against all STDs spread through semen, blood and anal fluids.

Of all sexually transmitted diseases, HIV is of greatest concern.

Over the last ten years, the online dating industry has experienced unprecedented growth, making it an evolving and very profitable industry.

Even in the last three years, there’s been a 4% spike in the number of users on online dating sites.If you are involved in this industry, or are considering getting involved, it’s important to conduct the necessary research and select a high-risk merchant account.