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30-Nov-2016 23:19

Be a part of the daily lives of some of the world’s most famous black-and-white bears: giant pandas!Join adult female Lun Lun, male Yang Yang and their youngest offspring, female twins Mei Lun and Mei Huan, for bamboo, play and more. Zoo Atlanta is dedicated to inspiring visitors to value wildlife and to help safeguard species through conservation.Once you click the Join Broadcast button, you will finally see yourself on the screen.This is only a preview of how you look, you are still not live on Facebook.This is where the Magewell USB Capture Dongle gets into the picture. The dongle is your solution to connect any camera to your computer so they can talk to each other.Using the friendly ‘Plug and Play’ protocol the computer recognizes the device without you ever need to lift a finger and install a software or download a driver for it to work, it works on all major operating systems- Windows, Linux and even OSX, just like you connect another keyboard to your computer.This is also the stage to select your camera and mic Below your preview screen you have the On-Screen Update line- this is where you send on-screen updates to your audience in real time, the update last 5 seconds and supports multi lingual text.Now, you can finally start the interesting part-on the bottom-left corner you will start seeing the comments left by viewers after you go live. Clicking this button will float the comment along with the name and profile photo of the user’s profile on the screen.

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The very few options are either very expensive (Wirecast.

There is also a Testing Only option, in case you are afraid of going live accidentally, so it only gives you the management panel without the ability to stream to Facebook.

Third, after you approved all the above, you reach your control panel, where you manage your broadcast and moderate the comments.

to your camera and get the quality sound to your computer directly.

You can also control every aspect of the video- shutter speed, optical zoom and basically everything you ever wanted but didn’t have in your basic webcam.

Their 1st product, called Awe Vid, gave people the ability to stream an event from multiple cellular phones while a “Director” from home managed the live feed people saw live from the event.