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Sadly, this eschatological fable continues to grow as more extrabiblical sources are added into the mixture.

In his book Apollyon Rising 2012, Tom Horn promotes the idea that Genesis’ Nimrod was in fact a “Nephilim,” who will “rise” (resurrect) in 2012 as an incarnation of the mythical god Apollyon (Apollo/Osiris).

So let’s summarize what the only reliable source about this realm tells us.

And there is reason to expect more of these bizarre occurrences on our near horizon. It is disturbing to discover that these contorted teachings from Genesis 6 may already be metastasizing throughout the Dominionist camp, the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR).

How are the quantum “cosms,” “codes,” and “cryptologies,” connected to End Times teachings?

What do Tom Horn, Chuck Missler, and other quantum collaborators teach about the last days?

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If this isn’t fantastic enough, “Apollyon,” Horn’s end-times super nemesis will also manifest as the “Great Architect” of Freemasonry—the Masonic “messiah” (details of this deception are addressed in Part 6 of this series)absent from this imaginary end-times scenario.

We need to understand that we are both the pawns—and the prize—inn this continuing cosmic struggle….”Is this what the Bible actually teaches? About halfway through his teaching, Taylor comes to the point: God is raising an “army of sons to defeat this demonic army.

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