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The farmer will then “grade” the leaves and select only the leaves most suitable to produce the finest PHatea® product which are then bagged and sent to Yiyang Tea Factory in Yiyang City, Hunan Province.

The tea arrives at Yiyang in large white bags and the first step is to sift or sane out large stems and dirt or rocks.

The leaves are piled in a special cabinet, 2 meters deep, at a high temperature of 75-80degrees Celsius for three to four hours.

A Tea Master will monitor the leaves, stirring them to allow uniform fermentation throughout the pile.

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Tea is the second largest beverage to be consumed next to water, unless your Doctor has told you not to drink tea, you can drink your tea.

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Although many have tried to duplicate the secret process of PHatea® production, none have proved successful because if even just one of the 32 steps is incorrect, the final product will not result in the color, flavor, value and health benefits of true PHatea®.This is why PHatea® is called post-fermentation tea as the final act occurs after the fermentation steps we spoke of earlier and bares no resemblance to the oxidation process seen in the production of other teas.