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18-Jul-2016 16:44

Delve is a command-line utility, but it would be great to have it integrated in your IDE.

We’ve got it running in Visual Studio code, where it occasionally fails.

You even get warnings when you write functions without documentation.”“Git Hub contains lots of libraries that are half-baked, under heavy development (meaning the API will break often), or abandoned.

One such example is gorm, the ORM we are using at Bugfender, which has been recently rewritten from scratch.

No longer will you be left with a mish-mash of coding styles depending on who wrote the code.”“Circular dependencies are not permitted. Applying the generally-accepted best practice in software engineering, you should refactor your code to either remove this dependency or make it a single package (since one cannot exist without the other).

In Go, this is not a best practice—it’s compulsory. I could go on...”“Go is statically typed, so you avoid all the variable type problems that come with dynamic languages.

We’ve also tried it with Intelli J IDEA, and it works, but could be greatly improved.

If debugging is difficult, profiling is even trickier.

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In fact, in those 15 years I’ve only held one full-time salaried job. All that said, you’re crazy if you don’t at least consider freelancing at some point in your career – consider it right now if you haven’t already.Perhaps you lose some of the functionality seen in other languages, but the simplicity allows for code to be easily understood by anyone reading it.”“If you have tried to do multithreading code using other languages you might already know how painful is it.Go is the easiest language I have ever used for running background coding tasks.Both developers are looking weary; they’d like nothing better than to stick on a pair of headphones and zone out with a good coding session. Here’s Aleix on documentation: “When it comes to documenting your own code, Go really excels.

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There’s a standard way of documenting all of your functions and libraries, as well as using the right tools at the right time.In my opinion, this is yet another sign that the language is still too young.”“If you’re worried about code quality and robustness, then start writing tests.