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" "C'mon Sophie, that's private." "Not to your sister, it isn't.

Lets have it, I want all the details," she insisted, softly caressing.

Before hopping into the car, Soph hugged me, gave me a sisterly kiss and then whispered in my ear that she had left me a present and hoped I liked it.

Going back into the house I didn't see anything for me in either my room or Sophie's and wondered if she had been making fun of me.

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"Well," she eventually sputtered, "I think you're going to be OK with girls next year.

"Let me see it anyway, I want to make sure you're not deformed or something." "No fucking way," I protested, but at the same time was secretly pleased and excited.

I knew immediately that I wanted her to see my penis, to touch it, to hold it.

It was only a couple of days before she was to leave for Champagne that Sophie sat me down one day for a man-to-man talk, as she laughingly called it. God, yesssss, I wish I was full of milk and you were drinking from my body, oh baby, it feels so good.

"Ritchie, what's up with you and girls anyway," she started one afternoon. " I asked, the blush already spreading across my cheeks. Oh suck me Ritchie, suck me hard baby brother," she moaned.What saved her was two things; one, she had studied at night school over the six years of her marriage and had got her teaching certificate just three months before Dad left; and two, Grandpa Brown, Dad's father had supported us and helped us financially after Dad fled. Cripes, the other day Gina and Jill both told me they thought you were really sexy." "They did? "Can I see your breasts, your nipples," I asked mischievously, suddenly brave, not expecting anything but to be told to screw off.