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02-Sep-2017 13:09

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Chicken poop; we don't speak of it at the water cooler at work, but we do here in the chicken world because it can be one of the first signs of disease and illness.

The float test confirmed that this specimen contained neither worms nor evidence of coccidiosis.

The pink, stringy stuff was simply an unusually long piece of intestinal lining that had been shed. The hen responsible for this specimen showed no symptoms of any problem either before or after she produced this.

It's not important to memorize every affliction that can cause a chicken's droppings to be abnormal as it is to be able to recognize abnormal poop and know what to do about it.

Food and water travels from the mouth, down the esophagus and into the crop where it is stored before moving down into the stomach (proventriculus).

Too much protein or drinking large amounts of water can cause watery-looking droppings.

If additional symptoms are noted, the cause needs to be determined.

The hen responsible for the droppings in this photo had no sign of illness prior to discovering these droppings on the droppings board, but she had coccidiosis, a serious intestinal infection, which required treatment of the entire flock.Scraping down the droppings boards daily provides an opportunity to observe anything abnormal.