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It feels invasive to the person on the telephone and comes across as rude and overbearing as you stand at their desk, or sit in their office, waiting for the conversation to end. Snapping gum in the back of your teeth is unprofessional and annoying to your team members. Do your best to keep your thoughts to yourself until the other person has had time to share their information.

Leave a sticky note requesting a quick call or visit instead and ask them to please follow up when they get off the phone. While bubble gum happens to be my vice of choice, I make a point to annoy only my immediate family with my bubble making expertise. Good business and social manners dictate that you actively listen and interject your thoughts only at the appropriate time. It is bad etiquette to bellow inside of the office. The right hand is reserved for handshakes so when you start to feel the tickle, the etiquette of a cough or sneeze is to lean back into your left shoulder and cover your mouth with your left hand, hopefully with a tissue. Refrain from sending out a group email to your entire team asking for Girl Scout cookie orders for sweet Susie.

You never know who may be “watching” you and critiquing your every move. This is a foiled attempt at trying to be too “familiar.” 11. Clipping your fingernails (or worse, your toe nails – yes it’s been known to happen! You never know when your boss or client might need a writing utensil pronto and handing over a ravaged pen will definitely put a damper on signing that important contract. Cleaning up your spills, crumbs and dirty dishes is respectful to your coworkers and sets the example for others to follow. Save the bangles and grandma’s charm bracelet for lunch with friends and stick to one or two pieces of simple, statement jewelry.

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According to this 2006 CNN article , the personal savings rate of Chinese households is 30% while Americans dipped into their savings that year.

If you ever visit China you have to ask at least 50 to 75% off in stores.