Poker tracker error updating database credible carbon dating

18-Nov-2016 07:49

Version 3.40 : - Added Party and Danske Spil support.

Version 3.38 : - Fix for latest Party Poker update.

Version 2.82 : - Fixed the sorting of "Player" column. Version 2.81 : - Fixed a bug at datamining Full Tilt Poker.

Version 2.80 : - Fixed crash at stopping datamining.

(see "Main-join waitinglist button") Version 2.77 : - Added Aggregator Database for Poker Tracker 3 support.

The Aggregator Database is a compression for Poker Tracker 3 databases.

The Cap/Deep/Speed filter will not work with the "standard" lobby, but you can use the standard lobby view itself to hide the cap/deep tables... Version 3.20 Beta : - Many improvements for FUll Tilt Poker. Version 3.15 : Fixed scan problems with Full Tilt Poker. Version 3.09 : Fixed a problem at "playerstatistics by table type". Added ability to display playerstatistics by type of table. Version 3.04 : - Fixed Poker Tracker 3 cache support. Should be slower than the other options, but deliver always up-to-date statistics.Just make sure "Hide seated players info" in the Party Poker lobby is unchecked.