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That’s what makes the 5min “videopedia” invaluable.It’s a site featuring short videos that provide solutions or instructions for common and practical issues, like how to insulate your house or how to teach your dog to sit.The tech-savvy aren’t left out, though: in the “Geeky Fun” section, the initiated will find plenty of fodder for hearty laughs.Better than: Trawling through techno-babble blogs for something free, cool and useful.Newsmap Newsmap is an amazing graphical representation of the constantly-changing headlines on Google News.By relying on something called a “treemap algorithm” to aggregate news, Newsmap uses space to translate the importance of a story; in other words, more popular and important stories appear larger, while less important ones appear smaller.Crazy Blind Date There are plenty of dating sites out there, but they all focus on finding compatibility based on users’ profiles — not necessarily on personalities.This site offers blind dates at public places in your neighborhood in the following major cities: New York, Austin, Boston, and San Francisco (with more cities coming soon).

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Better than: The dummy devices at cell phone stores.Better than: Getting purposely lost just to mix up your running routine.Make Use Of Make Use Of is a tech blog that even laymen can understand.Better than: Pining over profiles pictures on Facebook.

Daily Lit Being well-read might not be your biggest priority, but it comes in handy during dinner conversations. The site offers both classics and contemporary titles, all provided in quick-reading installments that can be sent to you either via e-mail or RSS.The dates can be arranged on short notice — as soon as tonight even — without even viewing a profile or image for your date.