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What I’ve observed is that Filipinos are very creative, very resourceful and very enthusiastic. One example of this is in the simple concept of Gross versus Net receipts.But all that business savvy that you take for granted? good luck finding someone you can trust to run the store. You and I both understand that there is no profit unless the operating costs are paid and there is a surplus after that.And that’s not even factoring in many people who are locally called ‘Squatters’ who live in rural areas or government land with no record of title and pay zero taxes. The next big killer for expats when running a business here is probably the most frustrating of all; The Culture.I don’t know that I could pinpoint exactly where it stems from but here in the Philippines it is easy to find workers who do what they are told, but extremely difficult to find people who make good ‘Managers’ of a business. to personally run a store 10 hours a day, six or seven days a week to cut a profit?a few every week to family and friends and taking some home is not a big deal.Or perhaps some free online time in your internet cafe to certain kids because, after all, the computer wasn’t being used and they need it to study.The business that was supposed to give them a way to make an earning became a subsidized money-pit at the expat’s expense.

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It may be from your workers figuring there are so many bottles of soda in the store..A minority are ‘rich’ and a vast majority are living 2nd or 3rd World lifestyles.So that puts a lot of demand on taxes from the business sector. Entire business projects have been placed on hold for years in order to find a resolution to relocating Squaters from a given area that they’ve claimed in mass numbers.I won’t go into all the details of what changed my mind but suffice it to say that for the last three decades I’ve been a full-fledged believer in owning your own business. But I do believe that the challenges and rewards make it a noble pursuit to make a mark in the free market exchanging goods or services for a net profit. I still believe that for most people, starting a business here is not a good idea.

For one thing, running a business in any country is full of challenges.

But this was little compared to an expat who told me of a pig farm he owned out in the province.