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09-Jan-2017 09:30

Disruption’s Mary Parent and Cale Boyter are producing.

Dinklage has just wrapped Season 5 so a spring start date makes sense to get him wrapped before Season 6 gets underway.

This movie is actually pretty funny if you know LARPers. I really enjoyed how they would build up mega-drama with the music and dialoge, and then turn it off instantly and it's back to Nerdville -- I thought that was clever.

Make some popcorn and watch this, just make sure to take the stick out of your arse first..

centres on a mother (Mc Dormand) whose daughter has been murdered.

Frustrated by the inaction of the police, who are too busy persecuting black people, in finding her killer, she takes out three billboards protesting them.

Principal photography will begin this spring, so we can expect a release date sometime in 2017.

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scribes Mark Swift and Damian Shannon are currently working on a new draft.season 7 premiere date nears closer and closer, it seems that the show's stars are spilling semi-spoilers at an increasingly rapid rate.