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A second glass ceiling mechanism occurs when Asian Americans have a hard time penetrating the "old boys network" in many occupational environments.

Research consistently shows that it is in these informal social networks that valuable mentoring takes place, along with an exchange of important career information.

On the mainland, Chinese also worked as small merchants, domestics, farmers, grocers, and starting in 1865, as railroad workers on the famous Transcontinental Railroad project.

However, the anti-immigrant and anti-Chinese nativist movement of the late 1800s, best represented by the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, forced the Chinese to retreat into their own isolated communities as a matter of survival.

Social scientists have described how the American economy has undergone a "deindustrialization" in the last few decades from one based on manufacturing to one centered around technological innovation, information management, and services. That is, there has been an expansion in the number of jobs at the top, within "information-intensive" sectors, and that require high levels of education and job skills and that pay very well -- jobs that many Asian Americans have successfully landed.

Within this context, many scholars also note that the U. At the same time, there has also been a proliferation of jobs at the bottom that are relatively low-paying, unstable, and require little education or skills.

While a large proportion of Asian Americans are self-employed, most are conventional employees in the U. Reflecting the ethnic, cultural, and linguistic diversity of the Asian American population, contemporary Asian Americans also have different employment and occupational mobility patterns as well.These theories are described in more detail in the article on Asian Small Businesses.Briefly summarized, they include: Being self-employed gives many Asian Americans a sense of personal autonomy but in order to be profitable, many have to work very long hours and use family members as unpaid labor.As a result, they have little choice but to work in relatively low-paying unstable service sector jobs, many located inside traditional urban Asian ethnic enclaves.

To illustrate these patterns, using data from the 2000 Census 5% PUMS, the following table presents distributions of occupational categories for different racial/ethnic and Asian groups (employed, ages 25-64).Also, Chinese and Japanese share the highest proportion among all groups in the "Legal and Financial Servies" occupations.

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