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THE BOS TON STRANGLE R FILE NUMBER : 163-126 64 PART : 1 OF 1 FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION THE BEST COPY OBTAINABLE IS INCLUDED IN THE REPRODUCTION OF THESE DOCUMENTS. C, they observed a man whom they felt looked very similar in appearance to the photograph of De Salvo appearing in Washington newspapers now. - • - 7 - - - «- REBSTEL 2/24 LAST TITLE CHANGED TO REFLECT FULL NAME OF SUBJECT AND DELETE 1 ■ NAMES OF SUBJECTS HARRISON AND ERICKSON WHO WERE SURRENDERED r APPROXIMATELY PM 2/24 LAST AT M. AS DE SALVO IS ADMITTED PSYCHOPATHIC MURDERER CONSIDER DANGEROUS VI TH SUICIDAL TENDENCIES. Commissioner, Boston, charging subject with violation of T. Troy has brought motions for a new trial of De Salvo in Middlesex Superior Court .

PAGES INCLUDED THAT ARE BLURRED, LIGHT, OR OTHERWISE DIFFICULT TO READ ARE THE RESULT OF THE CONDITION OF THE ORIGINAL DOCUMENT. FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION FREEDOM OF INFORMATION/PRIVACY ACTS SECTION COVER SHEET SUBJECT: ALBERT DE SALVO, a.k.a. I 2- I 3-56 J "I WO FBI Date: 9-30-65 Transmit the following in AIRTEL (Type in plain text or code) Via (Pj Uffty or Method of Hailing) TO: j^ROM: DIRECTOR, FBI SUBJECT LEG AT, BONN f*63-1508) (P) ALBERT HENRY DE SALVO FPC A LEAD BOSTON: Secure details of crimes of which subject is accused in Massachusetts, with particular reference to the modus operandi ^^O^&Tlrt J Also obtain ^photograph and fingerprints Approved 0 ^£s^£. 1-25-fp) Federal Bureau of Investigation Records Bran j , 19. , 2/25/67, "w IT^^^rave ling with two companions in his car on New York Avenue near Bladensburg Rd. This unknown individual was driving a 1955 White Ford 4-door sedan with Maryland license, number unknown. In view of the above, there will be no attempt to interview subject. 4-17-85) 3 J xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION F0IPA DELETED PAGE INFORMATION SHEET Page(s) withheld entirely at this location in the file. □ Documents originated with another Government agency(ies).

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FREEDOM OF INFORMATION AND PRIVACY ACTS SUBJECT: A LBER T DE SALVO, a.k.a. b,^ / v ill |MFO m, » T,ft Mnnii ^^ rt SAN ANTONIO, SAN DIEGO, AND ALBUQUERQUE^ 1 - i* 1 ' / FROM BOSTON ALBERT HLnky ut -salvu uthu - nnr c. PRIDGEWATER BY ATTY MARTI NFAY, A LAWYER ENGAGED IN INVESTIGATING MASS. HE COULD OFFEP NO INFO AS TO CLOTHING OR OTHER CHARACTERISTICS OF ABOVE INDIVIDUAL AND ONLY STATES THAT HE WAS MEDIUM BUILD. BUREAU REQUESTED TO ADVISE IF FBI INVESTIGATION REQUESTED AND IF SO RICHMOND CONDUCT APPROPRIATE INVESTIGATION. 1948 - 1956, 82 - 5th Street, Chelsea, Massachusetts . DE SALVO - FUGITIVE • jf Cl-' REPORT MADE BY TYPE CHARACTER OF CASE UFAC - RAPE j f REFERENCES : Boston teletype to Bureau dated 2/24/67 . , DATE_^v_ BY^j UIU if i • ' UNLAWFUL FLIGHT TO AVOID CONFINEMENT - RAPE Synepiilt On 2/24/67, an authorized complaint was filed and a warrant issued by Ui, "S. 3 - Bureau (Ends 1 - Boston (4) EX-110 12 Mft R 6 1969 rv Approved: i T 1 _ Special Agent in Charge Sent M Per UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION Please Re/er to Boston, Massachusetts March M , 1969 ALBERT HENRY DE SALVO Attorney General's Office, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, advised this date that Albert Kenry De Salvo has hired a new attorney, namely, Thomas Troy.

References Only Ty pe of Search Requested: I I Restricted to Locality of L__J Exact Name Onl y (On the Nose) | | Buildup L I Variations Subject & I Hi ^ f Birthdate & Place Address Localities R# 7*4 Prod. When both cars had to stop at red light at New York Avenue and Bladensburg Rd N. Pages contain information furnished by another Government agency(ies). It UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT Memorandum TO FROM DATE: 10-7-65 SAC, Boston Director^ FBI / subject: A L£ EI *T HEjtf RY DE SALVO f .

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