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But secrets seethed beneath the family’s respectable exterior.Jill was raped for the first time at 5 years old when she wandered unknowingly into a bedroom during a sex act between her mother and her mother’s boyfriend.He picked up that I was a homeless runaway and was really sympathetic.I thought, ‘Gosh, somebody finally understands and cares.’” Bruce told Jill that he ran an entertainment agency and offered her a chance to audition.With only 0 in her pocket, Jill hitchhiked to Cincinnati to live with a friend. “I spent all my money at an arcade on ' Pacman' and ' Space Invaders.' Then I realized that I had no money for food.When the friend’s parents turned her away, Jill became homeless. That’s when the enormity of being homeless really hit.” Jill began staking out cafés, where she would snatch sandwiches and run. “I met Bruce while I was sitting in the mall one day,” she recalls.The men would subject Jill to all manners of torture and twisted sex on the equipment.She had to pretend that she loved it and wanted it.

Then he untied her wrists and left her crumpled on the floor.“But I was already in the back of his car and I didn’t know what to do.He kept telling me we were going to his office downtown, but I could tell from the sounds outside that we had gotten off the freeway and were somewhere rural.“We practiced endlessly on each piece of equipment,” she says.

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“I had to learn what it felt like and how much it hurt and how I was supposed to respond.We also worked on my cover story, which was that I was a student from Louisville and was so in awe of him that I decided to become his submissive girlfriend.