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— 704 Wausau, Wisconsin — 702 Fargo, North Dakota — 702 Cities with the worst average Vantage scores: Greenwood, Mississippi — 612 Albany, Georgia — 622 Riverside, California — 624 Harlingen, Texas — 628 Laredo, Texas — 633 You probably notice that those cities with the lowest average scores tend to be in the southern half of the country (both the southeast and southwest).Meanwhile, the cities with the best scores are in the northern Midwest.A few of our forum members have even achieved this feat at a younger age. Without any loans whatsoever, many have achieved a high credit score after only a few years out of college – solely using credit cards.Obviously a mix of cards and loans is ideal, but if you have only one or two loans on your credit report, it can be an effective strategy to go heavy on the credit cards (have five to 10 if you can use them responsibly and stay debt free).Here’s a list of the metro areas with the best scores, and those with the worst.

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Several years ago, FICO reported the median score as 723, but has been pretty silent on that front since. FICO doesn’t release a state-by-state breakdown of score distribution.The median means it’s exactly in the middle: 50 percent of people have a lower score, 50 percent have a higher score. So in order to judge their performance, we have to turn to a different scoring model.