No credit card age check free sex

22-Sep-2016 08:58

No credit card age check free sex-70

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Let me guess - you met some girl online but she needs you to "verify" your age before she can meet you?

There is no girl - this is a scam on dating and NSA sex sites trying to get gullible men to enter their credit card details on a fake "verification" site so these criminals can max out their cards.

But this pain is not the same for cash as it is for credit cards.

In a 2008 paper in the “the more transparent the payment outflow, the greater the aversion to spending or higher the ‘pain of paying’ …leading to less transparent payment modes such as credit cards and gift cards (vs.

Once you enter your details you never hear from the 'girl' again as there is no girl.

One recent industry study found that only 14% of American consumers use cash for everyday purchases.

So we block everyone from websites with 18 content, until we confirm you're over 18.