New yorker online dating 2016

25-Nov-2016 18:20

This might not seem like a big deal, until you consider one read on why Grindr has been so successful: the app has a “for us by us” appeal to gay men.

But when it comes to heterosexual-dating technology, all-male co-founders represent the wants and needs of only half of their target audience.

Rolland says that he hears this complaint occasionally—from women, but not from men. “Even women who are looking for something more casual, I don’t think they’re wanting to waste their time.” Carbino works with Talia Goldstein and Valerie Brennan, the co-founders of Three Day Rule, an L.

They call this “the deluge problem.”Both Web entrepreneurs and armchair sociologists will tell you that women are different.

Despite our commitment to baseline feminist ideals, most of us don’t like to be relationship aggressors.

“Blendr is generally useless, and there is a huge, untapped market for a hookup app for straights (or everyone other than gay men, really),” one of them wrote to me.

“Attitudes towards sex have shifted massively in the past decade or so, not just amongst young people.”And not just among men.

“The goal behind it was to make a Web site where women have the power.