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It happens because in many academic disciplines—such as, of course, philosophy, which already enjoys a reputation for misconduct—there is a tendency for beginning scholars to have “philosophical idols,” as explained to me by Meena Krishnamurthy, an assistant professor at the University of Manitoba.. It is the most populous city in Europe, with an amazing history, and stunning attractions for both average tourists and connoisseurs.You will find free materials in English in every church, so you can learn a lot about the amazing Russian architecture and icons.Another historical point of interest here is Ivan the Great Bell Tower, the watchtower for the Kremlin.Many grand princes of Moscow grew up, and spent their summer months here.

The cathedrals are actually bigger and much more beautiful than in pictures.

It’s the place where you can admire Repin’s and a large number of orthodox icons.

If you’re looking for souvenirs, then Izmaylovo Market is the place to go.

This open-air market is fun, and worth seeing during a morning or afternoon. You can’t go to Russia and not buy some matryoshka dolls, can you?

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This street is one of the oldest streets in Moscow, dating from the 15 century!

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