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If you're the one being asked, be sure to check out our creative ways to answer page too.

Write your date information on small slips of paper (time, place, date, type of dress, etc.) then slip each one into a different balloon. "You will have fun time in near future" on one side and "will you go to the prom with me? Just get a small takeout box from a nearby Chinese restaurant and deliver it.

Dress modestly if you’re going to meet their parents.

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Scope out the girl or guy's yard and find three to five hiding places for messages.For advice on meeting single Mormons to date, read on!It's much more fun to invite or answer an invitation for a date creatively. See who can get the best stuff and meet up at the check stand. What is your favorite color, animal, book, movie, …?

Pick out your favorites then go home and assign them to people. List four dreams (2 practical 2 fun) List 2 fears What are your favorite foods (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks)? Name three of your favorite traits of your husband/wife List a favorite trait of each child or share your favorite memory of each child What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

It shows right off the bat that the evening is probably going to be fun.