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16-Dec-2016 10:55

I found a table near the front of the place and a seat facing the door and ordered a cup of coffee, she still hadn’t seen my face, and thought I would be in control if something was too weird.

As she walked through the door, I recognized her immediately; her eyes were just as beautiful in person, and ablaze with the lust I knew she must be feeling.

Slowly I gave her more of it, 4 inches, then 5, and found a pace that seemed to make her tremble the most as my thrusts became faster and stronger within her.

She groaned loudly as we gave ourselves to the pleasures of the flesh.

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My arms surrounded her torso and my hands flew instantly to her fine round ass.My swelled tool hung before me, I’d swear she was drooling, but then so was I.I kicked the pants to the side and wrapped my arms around this beauty; our mouths collided again in passion and lust.“You’re older than I thought, but that’s OK, let’s go.” I stood and motioned for her to go first, but as I did she looked down at the large bulge in my pant leg and giggled softly before turning for the door.

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I tossed a few bucks on the checkout counter for my coffee and told the cute young clerk to keep the change.

In the next few moments we had succeeded in groping each other’s bodies as our mouths locked in passion and our tongues explored the depths of them.