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09-Apr-2017 08:02

The guy who called me today is completely different – and I had such an interesting phone call with him that I wanted to share it with you.“James” tells me that he’s 30 years old, living in Seattle, working in IT. A little angry, perhaps, but I’m used to getting clients who aren’t too happy with the fact that they’re reaching out to a dating coach.The average woman in America right now is a size 16.That's easy for us to forget, because the women we see on billboards and in TV and movies are anything but average. My entire adult life (and I'm talking post-puberty so like, from 15 on) I have been a size 14 or a 16.I'm a natural hourglass, and it's kind of crazy that I've lived this long being so damn insecure about it.

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The question is whether you are going to be like James and continue to blame the opposite sex for everything. You don’t think there’s something wrong with you if you don’t know how to play the Mozart Clarinet Concerto right off the bat.

We should support women no matter their size, be they skinny or fat!

Men may love plus sized women, but I don't want my naturally thin sisters to feel left out.

Until he does, all he’s going to do is complain about YOU, and how unfair you are to him.

In reading my blog, subscribing to my newsletter and joining one of my coaching programs, you have a chance to learn something that will change your life.

All you have to is look on Instagram and you will see fabulous, fierce, full-figured women all of whom rock a size 16 like it's the sexiest thing there is. Here are just a few of the size 16 models out there to inspire you, to make you feel normal, but more than that, to make YOU (wonderful, normal, healthy, unique you — and all of your friends, regardless of size) feel absolutely beautiful.

Pro tip: You need to be careful when browsing girls pictures, as some will be filtered using Instagram or taken at funny angles to hide how fat/spotty/dark they are.… continue reading »

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