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Tricks won beyond that necessary to fulfill the contract are referred to as overtricks and their scoring points are accounted for separately because their values are dependent upon declarer's vulnerability.

When declarer makes overtricks, their score value depends upon the contract denomination, declarer's vulnerability and whether or not the contract is undoubled, doubled or redoubled.

Chicago, being a variant of rubber bridge, uses an adaptation of rubber bridge scoring.

Duplicate bridge has many variations for scoring, comparing and ranking the relative performance of partnerships and teams playing the same deals as their competitors. Not all elements are included in all game variants and the method of accumulation of the elements over several deals varies.

Only contract points are recorded below the line; all other points are recorded above the line.

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Since no part-game or game bonus is awarded in rubber bridge, East-West do not receive an additional game bonus and North-South do not receive any part-game bonus.

There are two main categories of scoring: duplicate and rubber scoring.

While based upon the same basic elements of scoring, they differ in how the elements are applied to individual deals and in how these are then totaled.

It is colloquially referred to as a bonus for "insult", meaning that the opponents have insulted the pair by suggesting that the declarer will not make the contract. When a contract is defeated, penalty points are awarded to the defending side.

The value of the penalty depends on the number of undertricks, whether the declaring side is vulnerable or not vulnerable and whether the contract was undoubled, doubled or redoubled.The Championship participated 18 teams coming from 10 European federations, and in both categories, the tournament was played in 9 rounds Robin-Round system.