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16-Sep-2017 12:57

Our collection incorporates all the best live porn webcam links and keeps collected all good sexy niches.Mark List Of Sex Cams and its FREE sex webcam sites, live adult chats, pay pornsites and famous camgirls. If a defibrillator cannot be used quickly, death follows.The property of cells of the conduction system to initiate pacing of electrical impulses independent of the autonomic nervous system is called automaticity. If the SA node is isolated from all neural or hormonal control, this specialized tissue can generate impulses at rates higher than 100 per minute.

A cardiac cycle is defined as a complete cardiac movement, including systole, intervening pause, and diastole.This permits electrical excitation waves to pass rapidly from one cardiac cell to the next.Cardiac muscle is controlled by physiologic mechanisms under involuntary control, and mediated by specific nerves.The conduction system is composed of specialized muscle tissue and initiates and conducts depolarization waves through the myocardium.

Muscle fibers of the ventricular walls are arranged in whirls that squeeze blood out of the ventricles when they contract.

Pressure, volume, electrical, and sound changes occur during each cycle.

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