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This application will require the applicant to attest via affidavit that this is their full and correct name as well as their date of birth.The applicant must present identification documentation. Acceptable documentation shall include the following, with other documentation to be evaluated on a case by case basis: The applicant will be photographed and fingerprinted.Delaware Private School Background Check Form The background checks will be issued directly to the school’s point of contact and will take substantially less time to complete then the current process of mailing fingerprints to the FBI directly. DRIVING PRIVILEGE CARD (DPC) FOR UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS Applicants desiring to obtain a Driving Privilege Card (DPC) must first submit fingerprints and other necessary information in order for SBI to run a search of Delaware State Criminal Databases before applying for a Driving Privilege Card at Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). To schedule an appointment applicants should call SBI at 302-739-2528.

The fingerprint card should be filled out entirely to include your name, any aliases, address, date of birth, social security, sex, race, height, weight, eye color, hair color and place of birth.This receipt must be presented to DMV at the time of application for the DPC. If a review of the of Delaware State Criminal Databases reveals a conflict between the name the applicant provided and an alias on file with the state or the applicant has an outstanding warrant for criminal charges in Delaware, the applicant must resolve the conflict prior to becoming eligible to obtain the DPC from DMV.Locations and hours of operation for SBI are as follows: The office is located at 655 South Bay Road, Suite 1B, Dover, DE 19901, in the Blue Hen Corporate Center.We do not accept American Express or personal checks.

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The State Bureau of Identification (SBI), is pleased to announce that through the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act, Delaware Private Schools now have the ability to obtain a State and Federal background check through SBI, effective May 1st, 2017.The hours of operation are: - (mail in request for certified criminal history) Fingerprints may be taken by your local police agency or any fingerprinting agency. If the agency will not provide a card, you may print a FD-258 fingerprint card that is available on the Federal Bureau of Investigation website at gov – click stats & Services, then Identity History Summary Checks, then FD-258 Fingerprint Card.