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16-Feb-2017 23:19

The home page featured a photo of Blue in a sleeveless top drinking from a glass bottle.Evidently, this photo and the phrase "sex-positive" constituted a violation of Libyan law, as Blue learned when a representative of Libya's domain registry told her that "our rules and regulations, and our Country’s Law and Morality do not allow any kind of pornography or its promotion." The news has caused many to wonder whether other sites are similarly vulnerable to seizure--including shortener sites like and, whose abbreviated URLs can be seen all over Twitter.The aim of the present article is to tackle the way in which CNN and BBC – as leading examples of hegemonic Western media – represented the cases of sexual violence that were being denounced during the war in Libya.Looking into the coverage of this war may be useful to analyze the very concept of wartime rape and enquire to which extent rape narratives are framed by social constructs of sexuality, gender, and race, as well as by political agendas.How far is the coverage of wartime sexual violence in Libya embedded in xenophobic stereotypes and traditional gender constructions?For the purpose of tackling those questions, I will start by referring to the findings of the Human Rights Council (HRC) and the Human Rights Watch (HRW) concerning sexual violence during the war in Libya.The selection of these organizations as sources of information is not based on the assumption that they provide the “absolute truth”, although I do believe that they have a privileged capacity to obtain data on the ground.

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This text will not propose explanations of the reasons that led to the occurrence of sexual violence during the war in Libya, nor will it speculate on the nature, forms, and extent of this crime in this conflict.I will structure my argumentation around two topics.

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