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11-May-2017 15:04

Colbert, meanwhile, has to constantly monitor just how much interest his audience has in Trump-related monologues and bits, or whether audiences start to tire of the political focus as Trump settles in.And then there’s this: Ratings for linear TV networks continue to decline, and quickly.has been TV’s most-watched late-night talker for three months now, a string of victories that has put him tantalizingly close to an even bigger — and once unthinkable — triumph: winning the 2016–17 television season outright.With about a month left before Nielsen closes the (ratings) book on its official measurement period, possible he’ll catch Fallon, assuming he can continue beating his NBC rival by the same margins as recent weeks.

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Colbert and his producers will likely be trying to lure every A-list star they can think of in the hopes of getting the sort of bounce Alec Baldwin delivered last week.As the chart below illustrates, at this point in the spring of 2016, ’s inaugural season, which was averaging 2.911 million viewers.

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