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27-Oct-2017 16:45

Cheque fraud: landlords should not accept payment by cheque!

A cheque does not represent a guaranteed payment – banks to not have to pay out on uncovered cheques or stolen cheques!

Y’all should totally follow their Instagram account as well for lots of kitchen inspiration! Big mistake on our end, and one I was looking to fix!

I’ll start with my kitchen…My husband and I built our home almost 9 years ago, and lots has happened over the last 9 years, and my family was ready for a big change in our most used room. Those cabinets on each side of that mantle are a bit of a joke. My main goal in this space was opening it up and making it feel larger and brighter.

One of the things I have learned through this kitchen renovation, is that I much prefer designing a space that I have lived in. I knew the countertops would do that, but I also decided that I wanted to level everything out before getting them installed. We ripped out the old backsplash, and took some cabinets out to prep for the guys to come make their template. They made a “grid” pattern out of this white plastic material to mark off the new countertops. I went with Dorian Grey by Sherwin-Williams for the paint color on the cabinets and Pure White by Sherwin-Williams for the trim and wall.

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We will be sharing lots of projects from these renovations over the next several weeks, so stay tuned!

Landlords should thus be very suspicious of the “tall” tales of potential tenants and not ever accept payments by cheque.

Should a potential tenant nevertheless send you a cheque and then demand a full or partial refund, you should be very careful.

Please inform us of any breaches or suspicious notices so that we can act accordingly to protect all users.

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So, David and I had a full evening without the kids last weekend (we still had the baby to look after but that is basically like holiday for us).Attention: with foreign cheques, the clearing process could take several weeks; that means that a cheque submitted to the bank weeks ago can still bounce!