Kissing toads and other hazards of dating

13-Mar-2017 15:24

I just want to know what the hell he thinks he’s playing at?What’s happened to the, “I love you” and “You know we’re gonna end up together”?He is ignoring my messages and just seems to have disappeared.Now he’s cut contact with me and it’s not supposed to be like this!You know what, I don’t even think I love him but I am burning from his rejection! ” NML says: Ami, you’ve just had the one night stand equivalent of a car jacking, and I suggest you claim on your emotional insurance, and chalk this up to Yet Another Example of Why I Need to Drop this Assclown.

I had tried many a time to walk away and he just wouldn’t accept it.

It wasn’t amazing admittedly, in fact, I would even say it was disappointing.