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That doesn't exist, so you really have no practical option." He went on to say the state needs to allow the sale of handguns and rifles with ten-round magazines, but requires the people of New York only load seven rounds in them, except at shooting ranges and competitions. On March 11, 2013, the United States Department of Veterans Affairs announced that it would not follow the provision of the NY SAFE Act requiring mental health professionals to report patients who seem more likely to hurt themselves or others. it does not totally disarm New York's citizens; and it does not meaningfully jeopardize their right to self-defense".A Department spokesman stated that federal laws protecting the privacy of veterans take precedence over state laws. However he struck down the provision that only seven rounds of ammunition could be loaded into a ten-round magazine, calling it "an arbitrary restriction" that violated the Second Amendment, and saying that it could result in "pitting the criminal with a fully-loaded magazine against the law-abiding citizen limited to seven rounds." The NY SAFE Act as originally passed did not explicitly exempt police officers from some of the law's provisions, such as the seven-round limit, although older law (not repealed by the NY SAFE Act) did provide such an exemption.The NY SAFE Act contains a number of firearms regulations.It also contains a severability provision that allows other measures to remain in place in case the broad prohibitions against weapons are invalidated by the courts.Large rolling bins are available to assist with moving your items from the car into the building.We recommend "live" parking in front of the building (someone should always remain with the car) while you unload. D'Agostino Hall residents check-in at D'Agostino Hall (110 West Third Street, corner of Mac Dougal Street) Hayden Hall residents check-in at Hayden Hall (240 Mercer Street, corner of West Third Street) 130 Mac Dougal Street residents check-in at D'Agostino Hall (110 West Third Street, corner of Mac Dougal Street) NYU requires a certificate of insurance from all moving companies prior to entering our buildings.In response to an open records request, the governor's office shared hundreds of pages of such resolutions, from far-flung places like the Adirondack town of North Hudson, with 238 residents, to more populous areas like Erie County." By contrast, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. strongly supported the law, saying that would "provide law enforcement with stronger tools to protect our communities from gun violence, including provisions that better enable us to combat gun trafficking and violent gangs, and others that close the state gun show loophole and regulate large-quantity sales of ammunition and firearms." Following the passage of the Act, the New York State Sheriff's Association (NYSSA) wrote a letter offering a mixed opinion on the SAFE Act.

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The bill passed under the "message of necessity" procedure, a device in the New York State Constitution by which the governor may expedite a vote on a bill, bypassing a usual three-day waiting period.

Res Net instructions for residents of D’Agostino and Hayden Hall will be included in your check-in packet. "Res Net", offers an uninterrupted high-speed ethernet connection to the Internet in the Hayden and D'Agostino residence halls.