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02-Oct-2017 19:57

Before you stop reading this because you’ve realised he’s that reformed boy-band member, give us a chance to tell you that this one-time One Direction’er has considerably distanced himself from that cutesy-wutesy 1D innocence and transformed into, well… ‘Pillow Talk’ is an eclectic mix of colours and images that lulls you into watching all 3 and a half minutes…

After their big relationship announcement last week, all eyes were on Cassper Nyovest and Boity Thulo at the MTV Africa Music Awards on Saturday night.

Related: We Always Suspected Boity And Cassper Were Dating But it was Boity’s on-stage antics that really got people talking.

The actress and new Legit ambassador was asked to present the award for Best Collaboration and couldn’t resist giving Cassper a shout-out, even though he wasn’t nominated.

I’ve only had bad experiences with black men” Hol’up!! “As opposed to growing up and my personal experience, sub-consciously I’m affected so I’m not inclined to dating a black man. Pearl Thusi is an actress, model, presenter, radio personality and mom.

If had to date a black guy just know there is something really special about him” You might ask yourself who is this Pearl Thusi who doesn’t date black guys right?? Yes, throughout her hectic busy schedule Pearl Thusi is also a mom to a very beautiful daughter.

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Related: Mistakes Professionals Should Avoid Making On Social Media Boity spoke to about the incident, saying, ‘All I did was say what I was told to say. Whatever is happening or has happened between Cassper and AKA has nothing to do with me.’ We have to say, of all the awards she could’ve announced, it was kinda cruel to make her announce AKA’s win. Pearl Thusi is a South African actress, model, radio, and television personality.She co-hosted Lip Sync Battle Africa MTV Africa and as well as Moments South Africa, broadcast on Ebony Life TV.There’s a fierce woman carrying a water bottle, garbed with protective eyewear.

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The video is pure fire, both literally and figuratively, as it removes the rapper video from the mansion we’re accustomed to, to a more artistically shot pyromaniac’s fantasy.And it seems now that they’re official, they’re all for public declarations of affection.