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The girls’ master plan was evidently to have us wearing as little as possible; William Noortman (PB) took great pleasure in taking his top off at every opportunity and Hugo Ryder (PSTW) and Eddie Redmayne (JRC)’s double act of ‘Lizzie’ got the crowd baying with enthusiasm.We were assured that it was the best fashion show any of our adoring fans had ever seen, and we retired to the Sixth Form House for a party.With a part like that, it is so easy to slip into tragic mould, and merely play up the whole ‘pity and piety’ act for the entire play.But Redmayne was more than that, and Henry seemed to develop from his early enthusiasm to an introverted, distant state of mind through his peaceful, religious tolerance of others’ mistreatment of him: ‘And what God will... Justin Moore’s York held great stage presence as the ‘tempest that shall not cease to rage’ - an embodiment of concealed passion that burst out onto the stage in his monologues, and his death scene was certainly among the most memorable...." "...

This was, of course, Eddie Redmayne whose performance in every respect was sensational.Recently, Cate Blanchett and Juliette Binoche have collaborated with the company and next year Mr Kent is to direct Ralph Fieimes in a joint programme of Coriolanus and Richard II.This production is eagerly awaited due to the critical acclaim of the last Fiennes/Kent project, Hamlet.Despite this it was a very good production and displayed the breadth of acting ability in JRC as well as the good use of another large cast.

It put a last smile on the faces of the audience at the end of a superb evening." "..orchestra produced one of its most enjoyable concerts in recent years... The second half featured Beethoven s magnificent First Symphony in C major... and a selection of songs from the shows, sung by Edward Redmayne (JRC). " Jesus Christ Superstar review by Rupert Stone (ALHG) (November 1998 No. The highpoint of the evening was, undoubtedly, the sadomasochistic Herod scene, in which Eddie Redmayne (JRC) was allowed to exercise fully his extraordinary credentials as a performer.The fair continues to celebrate its status as the largest event of its type in the . Amount raised by Houses at time of going to press was £7,800, whilst the total sum including entrance money and proceeds from the jumble sale was £9,800.