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02-Sep-2017 21:38

Everything from her hairline and skin color to her face shape and figure looks likes its been altered – significantly. Take a look at these photos and let us know if you think Kim has had work done: Kim Kardashian looked like a very different woman at the William Rast Spring 2007 Street Sexy Fashion Show.

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It kind of makes her look like she has a couple of black eyes. At this point, we weren’t seeing Kardashian with her good old pal Paris Hilton.Kinger (yours truly), Philip Cerreta Jr., Scott F., Steve Fulton & Mike Cervantes.Ronny Eide, Greg Armstrong, Chris Orloski, Steve Murphy, Andy Ter Haar, Bart Kamp, Sott Heller, Nicola D’ Almelio, Tim Humston, James Kidwell, Chris Warren, Steve Murphy, Neil Schroeder & Phil Caine & Don Guise. -(Decibel of Death), Randy Chase (Audio Overkill), Eliseo (Sepulchral Voice), Benny Geeraerts (Rubbish), Karen Braun (Blast Furnace), Mark (Uni-Force), Will (Unadulterated Metal), Mark Fenlon (Metal Alliance), Jeff (Metal Meltdown), Metal Mike (Metl Mike’s Live Wire), Boris Kadlicek (No Trend Press), Wendy Cywenski Kat George (Demolition), Alex (Extreme Noize), Marcelo Ribeiro (Desaster), Alejandro Deretak (Metal Command), Alfonzo Jose’Forteza (Speed or Bleed), Scott Crawford (No Glam Fags), Andrew Grimes (Aaaarrghh), Starzo & Tweety (Predator), Jason Olcott (Blitzkrieg), Esben Slot Sorensen (Blackthorn), Robert Tarasiuk (Metallic Butcher), Bill Parker (Level 6), Ralph Klockow (Metal Warriors), Martin Carlsson (Megalomaniac), Laurent Merle (Pearldrop USD), Paul R Rohskothen (Deadly Lacerations), Mick Burley (Chemical Warfare), Chris Panos (Sanctum Force HQ), TBC…One of the big obvious differences that we noticed is that her makeup doesn’t look as though a professional did it.

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Also, her tanning looks like it was a bit out of control as well.These two used to be inseparable before the Kardashian family decided to get themselves a reality TV show.