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"We've been dating for months, and we still haven't slept together." "Okay," I said cautiously, not wanting to disrupt a delicate moment. He told her about his cancer scare and everything." I felt myself blush.How many other girlfriends, counselors, taxi drivers, and random airplane passengers had Boris seduced into intimacy with the mournful ballad of his achy-breaky reproductive apparatus? Of course, I was less upset about this than Cecily, partly because Boris wasn't my significant other, and partly because previous experience had taught me to recognize and cope with people like him.Such people may be using a tactic called forced teaming, pulling others into ill-advised intimacy and gaining information they can use to embarrass, exploit, invade, or control.For example: During an ordinary water-cooler conversation, Kip's coworker Theresa confided tragic details about her sequence of abusive boyfriends. TTICKER, that's right, to intimate, doesn't mean SEX, even if it did, don't you know, that would be a cold relationship, if there was never going to be a chance for sex, or anykind of intamcy, and that's what them two lines are saying, because i am a man, and everytime i read them lines, i just shake my head, and i'd pass them up even if i could message them, i guess i must have messaged a woman looking somewhere down the line, i'm blocked anyway, i try just to see if i can get through.... Casual friends over the internet are not intimate, very often. I am suppose to be working on a memo for a proposal.

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Does anyone have any idea, what that word "INTIMATE" is about? When two people separate they give up the right ta ask/be involved in intimate details of each others lives anymore. I agree with whysper..ladies like a nicer sounding word than screw or the many other options. I think Texsantcles was referring to what the word really meant because he has been blocked by some people for checking the "must not be looking for intimate encounter" I surely hope I have an intimate encounter again someday... But have never reported anyone because after I tell them I am not interested in their bizzare discussion, they usually leave me alone. The definition is for Webster the current on line dictionary. Intimacy is that rare forum of actually caring about the person you are with and how and what they feel...And we all need to keep in mind that language is always evolving. Nomad, your German is considerably better than mine. I agree with one thing, I hope someday it is an intimate relationship on all levels. by the way dont forget the encounter an important connotation to this whole thing..intamacy is one thing encounter is another.them together and its a booty call.

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