How to start dating an ex boyfriend

16-Jun-2017 19:38

Don't treat your boyfriend as an mental or emotional punching bag.

By treating him with the same amount of respect you'd like him to give you, you'll always be on equal footing.

While each guy may have different physical tastes in women, most men find the attractive again and again.

The more of these you show, the better your chances at making a guy want you.

But if your relationship ended without rhyme or reason, there are ways of recapturing the romance of those first few weeks together.

Men are a lot less complicated than you give us credit for.

Take a long, honest look at your relationship from an outside perspective and try to determine whether or not you might've been smothering your boyfriend.

If you gave him a hard time whenever he went solo or made him feel guilty for going out without you, there's a good chance you were a little too dependent upon him for your happiness.

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When a girl is confident, her boyfriend can relax and not have to worry about mood swings or indecisiveness due to insecurity.This allows for a more secure partnership - one where the two of you work together to acheive your goals.