How to overcome any form of shyness in dating

10-Oct-2017 18:21

Guys can be just as nervous as we are, you just might not be able to tell.If you're going on a first date, chances are the dude is also silently freaking out.Before you do approach a guy or go out with him, try some relaxing techniques to calm yourself down.Meditate, listen to your favorite feel-good song or eat some chocolate. Just don't sit around and obsess over what you're going to say or what's going to happen... Source: Shutter Stock Whether you're talking to your crush or a guy in class or on a date, have a set of neutral topics for you two to talk about.If you have mutual friends, talk about them (nothing mean! If you know you guys love the same band, bring them up. Start with these kinds of things until you feel more comfortable to move on to bigger topics.Source: Shutter Stock You're not the only one who can feel totally awkward and shy! Getting over being shy can be tough and sometimes it can take a while. There’s nothing wrong with being quiet and reserved, but you’re awesome – your voice deserves to be heard! Is it because you're not sure how to hold up a conversation? Is it because you're worried that they won't like you?

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If she agrees then you almost have to talk to her no matter if you are afraid or not.

The problem with overcoming shyness and its extreme form social anxiety is that your feelings dictate your behavior.