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It shouldn't always—or, ideally, ever—be on women to educate men on how to have, you know, basic humanity.

Guys can and should call out their friends when they step over the line and teach them methods for navigating the dating world with manners, dignity, and Not Being a Damn Rapist.)These lessons are crucial to have in romantic comedies, which have long functioned as a lens through which society can see and satirize its dating habits and the current state of play between the sexes.

The same way the cereal industry got kids hooked on sugar through ads in Saturday-morning cartoons— among others, feature scenes in which the female protagonist clearly and explicitly demands control over her own body, and she's not considered shrill or frigid and she's not punished for doing so.

(And if, after all those, someone )Romantic comedies are many people's first lessons in how to comport themselves in a sexualized situation.

If you ask someone out in a way that demonstrates your enthusiasm and how much thought you've put into the date (doing 90 percent of the work), while also making it clear that the other person has the option to say no (without, say, causing you to break down or hurt them/yourself—two tactics abusers use to get what they want) and she says no, there's no date.

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God knows, I’ve stared at my computer screen when starting up a new profile, stumped to write about myself.

Think “date doctor” Will Smith without the shellfish allergy. I’m here to support, advise and guide you as you navigate the online quagmire of trying to find that wonderful lifetime partner – a partner who could be at the end of keypad click.