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07-Jan-2017 02:03

He could see that it was a difficult thing for me to admit, and I think he was a little shocked but he hid it well. He just said, "It's OK, we'll figure something out." He asked some general questions, but they were things I would've asked too; he just wanted to be informed.It was exactly the reaction I'd hoped for — he wasn't judgmental, and he didn't get scared away or have second thoughts about pursuing a relationship with me.I think I'd be just as upfront with any potential future partners because if the situation were flipped I'd want to know.

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Has it impacted the pleasure you get from sex at all? I pretty much put my sex life on hold, then didn't have vaginal intercourse for a long time, until the virus cleared.I actually blurted it out to one guy as the clothes were coming off and he told me we could talk about it later.