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08-Jan-2017 23:51

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Emily: So you’re sitting there on this first thing and he says, “You know, you should’ve warned me that you don’t like to take the feedbag off, honey.” No. She’s being a jerk if she thinks he’s not going to notice.

But what’s going to be the extremely awkward wrap-up to the lattes by saying, “You know what? Get the hell out of here.” Farhad: I can think of one positive outcome out of telling her that she misrepresented herself.

Emily: Today’s question is from a listener who says he feels deceived by outdated pictures on online dating sites.

He writes, “Dear Farhad and Emily, I’ve been online dating for just a short time and have run into this sticky situation twice now.

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You can't put a price on finding the love of your life, but even using the fancy Tinder Headshot package is cheaper than that. I know how shallow this sounds, but of course a person’s physical appearance factors into my perceived compatibility with someone.

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