Harz dating

18-Nov-2016 22:23

DWD has predicted more rain for Lower Saxony and Thuringia throughout Wednesday and has issued a weather warning for large parts of the east of the country.

Rainstorms set to subside, but not end DWD said on Wednesday that the low pressure area dubbed Alfred that has been pouring down on Germany this week will move further east, and thus bring some relief to at least the western and central parts of the country. Regions including northeast Brandenburg, eastern Saxony and southeast Bavaria can still expect long-lasting and forceful rainfall on Thursday.

In the city of Goslar, serious flooding in the streets - as pictured below - has also largely blocked off the city centre, and a hotel as well as a senior centre have been evacuated.

According to the German Weather Service (DWD), the amount of rain so far this week in the Harz area has in some places reached or even surpassed the level of precipitation typical for the whole month of July.

A 69-year-old woman in Wernigerode, Saxony-Anhalt has disappeared amid heavy rains near a river by her home, police reported on Wednesday.

Water has been seen seeping through the sandbag barrier, but only in green areas along the Innerste, a tributary river to the town's main river, the Leine.The water level on many streets there also reached at least 20 centimetres high.Around 350 firefighters have been working there, and police are calling for more backup.The district of Goslar in the Harz mountain region of Lower Saxony also on Wednesday officially sounded the disaster alert due to flooding caused by rainstorms in the area.

In the small town of Bad Harzburg, the train station has been blocked off due to the tracks being underwater.

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