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clearly show that the time is not distant, anti-Semitism will everywhere meet with the same fate as in Italy, Scandinavia and Australia. because no censuses are taken by the various Govern- ments on that Continent. 17 ,, Australasia ----- 17,000 or 0.14 ,, Thus seventy -five per cent, of all Jews live in Europe, and over seventeen per cent, in . While the number of Jews in America was practically insignificant only seventy-five years ago, the recent changes in distribution of the children of Israel have brought it about that at the present one out of every six Jews in the world lives in either North or South America.

Both Jews and Christians have been contributing to this end, the former by discarding VHl PREFACE. One exception is Russia, where a complete enumeration was made durinj^ 1897, showing that there were 105,257 Jews in Asiatic Russia, In India, also, the census of 1901 shows that there were 18,226 inhabitants of Jewish faith. In Asia and Africa, their original home, there are found only eight per cent, of all contemporary Jews; and very few have found their way to Australasia. Monkhouse has brouglit together and skilfully set in order much widely scattered material." — Atheiiuuiit.

It has even been questioned whether there is ever a probability of incorporating the Jews into the body politic of Anglo-Saxon communities. " For readers and lovers of the poems and novels of Sir Walter Scott this is a most enjoyable book.

Moreover, the perennial problem, whether it is possible to assimilate the vast number of Southern and Eastern immigrants to the United States and British colonies has been applied more to the Jews than to any other white people.

In Australia the census of 1901 showed that there were 17, 106 Jews. The distribution of the Jews is interesting for study when they are considered according to the percentage they constitute of the entire population of a country.

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Vll have been undergoing within the last fifty years, we have avoided taking the position of partisan or advocate, and have treated the subject objectively. People obeying the dietary laws religiously could not come in close and intimate contact with those whose table they could not share. In Canada and British Columbia the number of Jews has been estimated at 60,000; in Jamaica, 2,400; Mexico, 8,972; Brazil, 3,000; Arg-entine, 40,000; Cuba, 4,000; Cura^oa and Surinam, 2,158; Peru, 500, Venezuela, 450.