Google reader feed not updating Send free sex chats

09-Aug-2016 14:25

But it hasn’t forgotten its humble beginnings in Search.The company has now launched an update that should make searching on Google a much more personalized experience. But now, it’s available to everyone around the world.First up is the ability to “dive deeper.” In other words, the feed will help users explore topics they’re interested in, beyond simply reading an article Google presents in the feed.You can tap the header of the card in the Google app to search the relevant topic on Google.Google will now present content that it calls “new-to-you.” In other words, that content might not be new on the web, but it might be related to a new interest of yours.If, for example, you start learning the guitar and search about the instrument on the web, Google might pick up on that new interest and present a guide on “how to string your guitar” that was written two years ago. The changes so far have been about Google picking up on your interests — but you can also explicitly tell Google about an interest of yours with a new “Follow” button that will show up on topic cards in Google Search.

It was focused on on the most important things you do with Google Reader - read, mark as read and starr items. :( But don't worry as it is getting a better successor which is called Meneré.Just a short update: Desktop Google Reader will be migrated to another service in time for the closing of Google Reader API.

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