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21-Sep-2017 23:21

We do stuff like hold in farts for three months, brush our teeth before our bedmate wakes up, and only wear sexy underwear.

Glimpse allows you to take that non-farting version of yourself and put it out there in search of someone else who loves brunch and beaches without actually having to say you love brunch and beaches. )The site is currently available by invitation only, but if your answer to “Does your Instagram says more about you than any dating profile ever could?

Because, ultimately, isn’t that what Instagram is all about?

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MORE: 7 Secrets for An Amazing First Date Here’s how it works: You sign in with Instagram and apply for an invite code.Last fall, Dennis Lafargue and Elizabeth Wisdom got engaged after meeting through Instagram. Well, it seems that I wasn’t the only one thinking that this love story was a potential business opportunity.The blogosphere blew up because, duh, this is pretty much the modern-day equivalent of a meet cute. Introducing Glimpse, the app that asks, “Does your Instagram say more about you than your dating profile?The most successful dating apps are based on visuals, and typically pull your photos from Facebook to create your dating “profile.” This allows potential dates to swipe left and right, rejecting or showing interest – depending almost entirely on the photos you have posted.

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Now dating app Glimpse takes things one step further.Same thing if you like taking pictures of your food, or your puppy, or even your hiking landscapes – a few artful photographs are great, but sometimes it's too much.

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