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You name it when it comes to treating people wrong. I can't speak for other divisions, but the only people that have stayed long term in my division are the ones who can't afford to retire or don't want to start over.

Demeaning, condescending, unappreciated, overworked, high turnover, power gaming. It is standard in my department for management to yell at employees for making mistakes even though there is zero training.

In 1903, the Great Central Railway (GCR) had given comparative trials to two pairs of two-cylinder express passenger steam locomotives designed by their Chief Mechanical Engineer, John G. These were similar in most respects, the main difference being that one pair (class 8B) were of the 4-4-2 wheel arrangement, whereas the other pair (class 8C) were 4-6-0.

Whilst these were under construction, it was decided to compare the merits of these locomotives against a three-cylinder compound of similar size. The class 8D locomotives were designed by Robinson according to the principles of Walter M.

Potential earnings are good if you have the right accounts: no/slow accounts = no/slow earnings. No protected territories and overlap with many CSRs for the Region. Update software being used to invoice and enter data to make creating invoices a mobile effort while in the field.

Flexible schedule to start the workday in the field calling on clients. Every day is a different day and challenges you to utilize your experience to succeed. You have to ask the right questions to get the answers you need - information is not always offered. Competition in the market is tough and you are not the only dealer for your brand.Account base should be leveled out for all CSRs to have the same potential to earn - not so lopsided.