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Scant research or policy attention to date has focused on the issue of mobile phone use in DMST.

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Nevertheless, several states have introduced bills that would require registration of pre-paid phones and identification at time of purchase, though none have been passed into law.[12] In 2010, Senate Bill 342—the “Pre-Paid Mobile Device Identification Act”—was introduced to implement an identification requirement for the purchase of pre-paid mobile phones, but no further action has been taken on the bill.[13] Critics have suggested that such a law would violate consumers’ rights to privacy and other civil liberties, would place unreasonable burdens on retailers, and would not be effective in reducing crime.[14] Registration of pre-paid phones is already required in some countries, including Australia, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Norway, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, and Thailand.[15] In a recent case from the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, the court held that the defendant had no “reasonable expectation of privacy in the data emanating from his [pay-as-you-go] cell phone that showed its location.”[16] The defendant, a “courier in a large-scale drug-trafficking operation,” challenged law enforcement agents’ tracking of his cell phone to locate the defendant, arguing that it constituted a “warrantless search that violated the Fourth Amendment.”[17] In finding that the defendant’s Fourth Amendment rights had not been violated, the court explained, “if a tool used to transport contraband gives off a signal that can be tracked for location, certainly the police can track that signal.

Pre-paid Mobile Phones In the course of this research, the role of pre-paid, no-contact, and disposable mobile phones has surfaced as a growing phenomenon.

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