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26-Dec-2016 22:58

Are your fitness records hackable by a third party? The number of people who don’t change default passwords is staggering, as evidenced by the 73,000 wide-open webcams on that Russian website.

There’s a major disconnect here, and it’s specific to the Internet of Things.

The rule here couldn’t be simpler: Anything that hooks into a network must be locked down. Consider this: There are websites that list the default passwords of all kinds of devices.

If you have something wireless that’s hooking up to your household router, it likely came with a pre-set password and login. And what’s to stop a hacker from opening your front door or turning off your heat during a blizzard or your lights during a home invasion: all with an app?

In order to avoid that rigmarole, you can actually use fake credit numbers instead of your own, and you can do that using the site, which can generate up to 9,999 credit card numbers at a time, or just one. This site merely provides the standard 16 digit credit card number that can be used to bypass certain online forms that only ask for the number.

Now, to be completely clear, these numbers cannot be used to purchase any item. The credit card number generator uses a system based off of the Luhn Algorithm, which has been used to validate numbers for decades.

On the Internet proper, it seems the message has finally seeped in and people are beginning to make themselves harder targets—making sure their privacy settings are tight and their passwords are both strong and changed frequently.

But when it comes the Internet of Things, there is still more learning to be done—hopefully not Miss Teen USA-style.

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Provide several dates and times you and your administrator are available for the webinar, and we will do our best to accommodate.The Pew Research Center released a statistic this month that showed 90% of Americans believe they have no control over their personal information—that the facts and figures and ciphers unique to them are simply in too many places, and essentially that the data cat’s out of the bag. Whether they are of the unavoidable variety or the product of carelessness, they will continue to happen apace.

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