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10-Nov-2017 03:02

I didn’t have anything to clean myself up so I brought myself close to orgasm 4 or 5 times.A tremendous amount of pre-cum was flowing out of my throbbing cockhead when I realized that I had to get up and move quickly before I’ll be late for work.I did however managed to massage my prostate some which felt incredibly good.I waited a while for my erection to die down and got out of the pool, dried off, and headed to the room.Edging close to orgasm on what felt like a hundred times, my underwear was wet and stained from the huge amount of pre-cum that leaked out during the day.

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Different scenarios and thoughts constantly breezed through my mind, tit fucking her, giving it to her hard from behind, her licking and sucking my swollen cock, my cum shooting all over her etc., etc., etc., it is difficult to put in words how horny and lustful I was at that point.

She had a front row, very close-up view of my throbbing cock as it twitched and jumped up and down, I can honestly not remember when last I experienced my cock in such a hard state.

I slowly started working my cock with my fingers and thumb from the side not facing the camera as to give my wife a great view, and because of the entire day’s build-up, my balls were fully loaded, I’m positive that the prostate stimulation also had a big part in pushing huge amounts of cum up my long thick shaft.

Needless to say the anticipation provided me with a semi hard-on for the rest of the day and I could not wait to get to my room.

When I finally arrived, I decided to jump in the pool to cool off first after the long day, being in the water didn’t help as for some reason, it got my cock on edge again, I barely touched it to feel the sensations shooting through my body, but couldn’t stroke it as there were not enough privacy.

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