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15-Sep-2017 23:05

Whether they are all alone in the pictures or sharing life changing experiences with others on top of those hay bales, these lovely people are not shy about sharing their excursions into the real world.They want others to see the fun they have been having!By the way, if you do shake a stick at an exhibitionist they prefer you invite your friends to watch.(That was my exhibitionist stick-shaking joke.)The myth of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl dictates that these deus ex child-women arrive to change—maybe even save—a man’s life, but I wonder if Mel’s the one looking to do some rescuing. The care-taking butch and the damaged ingenue are as common in the queer female community as premature commitment and Old Navy jeans.The best part about these pictures is that they are user created.

There are big fluffy clouds in the sky, the kind you work into shapes with your mind. There are tons of members on World Wide Wives who love to share their public excursions, making videos & taking pictures of themselves in very precarious situations and posting them for the world to see.Maybe we’re all just wandering around looking to act out unresolved childhood issues.I mean, what’s hotter than a chick who loves boxed wine as much as mom?We’ve been friends for nearly a year now, and over that time the parade of anime-eyed-lost-girls trouping in and out of Mel’s life has both concerned and, I’ll admit, entertained me. One strung Mel along for weeks before closing her Ok Cupid account.

You’ve heard of manic-pixie-dream girls, those high-spirited Zooey Deschanel types, all polka-dotted shorts and dog-walking jobs. Another wound up trembling in the corner of Mel’s couch.

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